Last weekend I set myself a challenge- shoot all that week’s vlogs and the talk into the cam on the old iPh0nie. And I did. While the old Canon Elph’s are pocketable and shoot really nice warm video the iPh0nie’s video is super crisp and detailed. Now that the phone has installed all it’s updates … Read more

Setting Boundaries

This past weekend a coworker sent me and another coworker a text message. I’m not generally against this, I’m friendly enough with most of my coworkers that I’d answer most of their texts, well as soon as I look at my phone again. Which on a weekend could mean hours later. I also hate not … Read more

Worry and a Long Night

I was to emphasize that everyone is fine now, so no worries please. Yesterday my partner texted me to tell me she didn’t feel well. After another hour she asked me to come home and pick up some stuff to help her. I left work, picked up the stuff and came home. We waited to … Read more

Being Supported by Viewers

A few of my YouTube viewers have supported the channel through purchases via my Amazon wishlist and cash donations. It’s wild to me that my old videos made such an impact. And I appreciate it so very much. I’ve had a few people reach out and let me know that they can’t support in a … Read more


This is a post about grief, skip it if that will be triggering for you. I decided that I might want to record some vlogs in my home office- it’s a really terrible space for recording video and audio. BUT it’s the space I have. So I looked at the clutter of the really cool … Read more

Self Censoring

I have decided that instead of using a standard bell for bleeping myself when I swear that I will use a fart noise. This may lose me even more subscribers but will make me laugh. I have already downloaded a half dozen different fart noises.

Conspiracy theory

Not really. Butttt I swear the world is conspiring against me from finishing videos. I shot 2 studio philosophy videos before work today. The light in my studio is nice and even. Anyway. One is pretty fun but I did several takes that I’m stitching together into something extra. But the initial scene where I … Read more