Holiday Gifting

Often this time of year I do some baking and cooking and then do some sort of crafty packaging for the food. I create and print and decorate some sort of label that explains what is in the food as well as looks pretty cool. One year I did dicut gift boxes for small package … Read more

Coffee Set Up

I have been buying a lot more coffee during work hours than I have in the past, so I decided to save some money and start brewing at work with a kit inspired somewhat by my coffee outside set up. The mug is a stainless steel mug that I salvaged and repaired. I don’t have … Read more


I have been looking at a new computer for a few months. I knew that when my brother gave me this laptop that it would only last for so long. Adobe Rush has been crashing pretty frequently, though that might be an Adobe thing and not a computer thing. So I finally started to investigate … Read more

Force Quitting

ARGH. I use adobe rush to edit my videos. It was free and then I started to pay for it so I could use the cloud to sync everything everywhere. It works great. Except when it crashes. I want to blame the laptop, but I don’t think it’s the laptop. Davinci Resolve seems to handle … Read more


After a TON of research I picked up a GoPr0 knock off. I picked one that was well rated for vlogging and good focus closer to the camera. And was about $50! After some testing I’ll be switching it out as my main recording camera for my art journaling videos. It’s funny because I picked … Read more

Running Around

This week I’ve been running around getting stuff done and fixing issues of my own making. So, I have a thing for toy cameras and using filters on videos (check out my old Q&A series) that look old. I picked up a kids video camera, that claimed to shoot 1080p, it kinda did, but I … Read more

Some Observations 3 weeks post covid

I had COVID just before the holidays. My symptoms were sore throat, runny nose, and extreme exhaustion. I slept for 3 days straight. Then I felt better and slept normally. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since my symptoms disappeared and I tested negative. I’m still tired. At the end of the day I … Read more

Technical Difficulties

Annoyingly, I set up the camcorder to do the overhead videos. I considered setting up the iPh0nie to get a secondary viewpoint. I didn’t though. And apparently I put the card into the wrong slot on the camcorder, as it didn’t record about 2 hours worth of video I did over the last few days. … Read more

Three Years of Avoidance

Up until recently I’ve been really careful to avoid places where I could be exposed to COVID. I work with kids so there is a huge chance of catching it from them- they don’t know what they don’t know and often feel fine right up until they don’t. Sometimes coworkers come into work sick because … Read more