Three Years of Avoidance

Up until recently I’ve been really careful to avoid places where I could be exposed to COVID. I work with kids so there is a huge chance of catching it from them- they don’t know what they don’t know and often feel fine right up until they don’t. Sometimes coworkers come into work sick because they can’t afford not to.

Anyway, I have been really good about doing the right thing until I wasn’t. I can’t go into it but there were other factors in place that made me feel like MAYBE I was safe.

I was not.

I should have worn a mask.

I did not.

I will next time.

Anyway. I’m not very sick. I’ve been triple vaccinated and I suspect that is helping  a lot. The worst night was the first night when it hit me like a ton of bricks- sore throat, headache, and tiredness. I went down for the count, woke to a mild headache, feeling tired and a mild fever. I slept most of the day after alerting all my coworkers that I’d been in close contact with.

I woke this AM feeling much better. Still congested, even more mild fever,  a little less tired, and generally better than before.

I had planned to do a voice over for YouTube yesterday morning. BUT I’m a wee bit more than gravelly not to mention the cough and sneezing. So no videos until probably Wednesday, because EVERY THING I’ve been doing is a voiceover.

2 thoughts on “Three Years of Avoidance”

  1. ah im so sorry, less. i am sure that the vaccination and boosters are helping make it much, much less severe. the one thing i suggest (even though you did not ask for suggestions) is to make sure you rest. give your body a good chance to recover from this and to help prevent long covid.

    • I will continue to sleep and take care of myself. I can’t go back to work until 5 days after a pos diagnosis or 24 hours after certain symptoms. I expect to be home for the next few days. I have woken up with a slight fever that Tylenol reduces but am very tired.


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