One Week into No Social Media on My Phone

I don’t think there’s a lot to report about deleting every social media app off my phone, yet.

I have had some interesting responses.

I use instagram to get ideas for things I might want to do in my groups. I was telling a coworker about this artist, and grabbed my phone and said, “Damn. I just deleted all the social media off my phone. I’ll send you a link to the artist I’m talking about later.” She looked at my and said, “Why? Would you do that?”

My response was, “I was just spending too much time on it.”

She looked aghast.

I went to do the same thing with another coworker and the response was totally different, “Good for you.” I then had to tell her it was inconvenient and annoying because I’ve used it so much for inspiration. We talked about the time outs that insta can have enabled.

But I will say that I like the experience of Insta on my computer far more than I like it on my phone. Reels aren’t just dumped into my feed and the pull to look at Reels is far lower for me. I also know I’ll probably want it back on my phone for the ease of posting. The photo quality on my old kindle is garbage, I think it’s worse than my beloved toy cams.

I’m not craving the social media as much as I was.

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