Worry and a Long Night

I was to emphasize that everyone is fine now, so no worries please.

Yesterday my partner texted me to tell me she didn’t feel well. After another hour she asked me to come home and pick up some stuff to help her. I left work, picked up the stuff and came home. We waited to see if the OTC stuff would help, and when it was clear it wouldn’t we headed to the ER.

we don’t mess around with stomach issues. Stomach issues can lead to surgery if you ignore them.

Also if I’d stayed at work she’d have needed to call and ambulance and, well who can afford an ambulance in this economy?

(Also, going on an ambulance ride sucks.)

We waited in line at the ER for a half hour, triage took us in, and then we waited another couple of hours, then she was taken in to be seen. After a few more hours, she was discharged and we headed home.

The visit took 5 hours, which isn’t bad compared to the time I folded a mini leatherman over my middle finger.

Since we were there until 11:30pm I called out of work the next day. I spent much of it on the phone doing bill related stuff. Annoying. Then I worked in my art journal to regroup and relax.

I had a hell of a time getting the videos off the iPh0nie and onto the computer. Some of the files wouldn’t appear when I connected the phone to the laptop. It didn’t make any sense- it had been happening fine and then not fine. I flailed around for a few hours airdropping them to my partners laptop, putting them onto her external hard drive. And then I did a g00gle search… Then I installed iTones and lo and behold there the 45 minutes of video was.

Before anyone gives me side eye over not already having iTones on my laptop, I don’t use it. I use Tidal, and I like it a lot. Anyway, the videos are awaiting a voice over, rendering, then uploading.

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