Being Supported by Viewers

A few of my YouTube viewers have supported the channel through purchases via my Amazon wishlist and cash donations. It’s wild to me that my old videos made such an impact. And I appreciate it so very much.

I’ve had a few people reach out and let me know that they can’t support in a monetarily manner. They feel apologetic about it. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to support with $$$ to continue to enjoy the videos. The videos are there for everyone to enjoy- keep watching them that is support! Yes JUST WATCHING MY VIDEOS IS SUPPORT!!!!

Here’s the thing- I REALLY want to re-monetize my YouTube account, you watching the videos is a huge help because it means that YouTube sees you watching (that feels a bit creepy) and counts that toward my “Watch Hours.” Every video you watch brings me closer to getting that sweet YouTube money*. I was there once before and we can do it again.

Another no cost big impact thing you can do to help? Share links to videos and my channel. Let people know you like the video. Hit that share button. Hit that thumbs up button. Sharing is crucial to getting more eyes on the videos and growing the community that exists.

One of my goals for the channel (and AJ Ning**) was always to grow the Art Journaling community. AJ is for everyone and anyone interested in making art in a journal format. You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from it. AJ heals and helps us grow and I want as many people as possible to benefit from the low key no bullshit AJ approach. One of the things I miss about AJ Ning is the close knit community that existed solely to support one another through their art journals. We welcomed everyone, even if I fundamentally disagreed with their beliefs. Why? As long as people weren’t assholes (or nazis or homophobes) we all learned from one another and supported one another. I truly believe AJ is for EVERYONE.

Anyway, if you of a Ning-like place to rehome a ning like experience. Let me know in the comments.


*It’s not that much, but if YouTube sends me a check for $100 every 3 months well that’s $100 I can spend on art supplies or new gear to make better videos.

**I still need to make a vid about Ning, ugh, Ning.

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