Last weekend I set myself a challenge- shoot all that week’s vlogs and the talk into the cam on the old iPh0nie. And I did. While the old Canon Elph’s are pocketable and shoot really nice warm video the iPh0nie’s video is super crisp and detailed. Now that the phone has installed all it’s updates and deleted it’s old files, the program file size has dropped and I have a respectable 18 or so gigs of room to shoot on. Not bad at all, especially since I mostly shoot short little clips. It was great for the talking into the camera thing, though I had a hard time talking TO the lens. I’ve since drawn a little skully onto the phone so I’ll know where to stare next time.

My next challenge is to shoot with my old camcorder, a Canon Vixia HF R200. I bought it JUST before I stopped making videos and some of my last videos might have been shot on it. I know I did some of my drawing  videos with it. It was SO MUCH more clear and higher quality than the old JVC camera I had before that, which was actually pretty good when it was new.

The problem with the Vixia is that the mic in line is broken, it wasn’t always broken, I used a lav mic with it for quite a while, but now it’s not working. I’m not sure it is something that could even be repaired, though I am tempted to take it apart and see if there something loose in there. But if I use it I need to use an external audio recorder. This is a bummer.

Also it is too heavy for my selfie tripod I’ve been using to shoot the talkie vlogs. So I might do the talking vlog into the iPh0nie and the rest in the Vixia.

After this challenge I’m going to set one to use my actual cell phone as my recording camera- a Moto G Stylus which I bought for the superior camera to cost over my previous phones. Anyway, I think that week is going to be mind blowing.

Just some thoughts.


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