Why Walk for 15 minutes before work?

I realized that my long epic walks on weekends while amazing aren’t really balanced. I very much enjoy them, but it doesn’t allow for much in my day other than the walk, especially in the winter, since I’m timing that walk for the warmest part of the day Noon to about 2pm. That means I’m setting aside a large chunk of my weekend to walk, and yes, vlog. This leaves me with not as much time as I need for, well, anything else.

Walking 6 miles takes me 3 hours or so, especially when it is slippery out.

As the year turns colder and sidewalks get more dangerous, crampons will only help so much. That said there will be points in February when I might not be able to get outside due to weather or extreme cold. It happens here, not often but it does.

So short morning walks of 15 to 20 minutes and ranging from a half to 1 mile will be very important to keep my health in check.

So let’s talk about results.

Result have been impressive. My BG stays more level and low for a day if I get at least 15 minutes of walking in. If I get in a longer hour walk it is even better. Longer walks have longer lasting result.

Of course this has been made more level through diet and medication too. The walking alone was not cutting it.

I’ve decided that I’m going to bump my walking accountability and health vlogs out into their own channel, it seems to be what people leave the Comfort Shoes Studio about, or after posting. If I post anything about my health I get a bunch of people leave. On one hand I’ve always felt that CSS would follow my whims and ideas but those whims and ideas were always about art. As I put more of a focus on my health and wellness it strays from the core of comfortable shoes studio- art as communication, healing and self expression.

As I get ready to launch the new channel I’ll be exploring ways to support it. I’ve already reached out to a company to see if they would send me equipment in exchange for a review. I’ll also reach out to a few other companies and see if they will support the new channel. Of course I’ll eventually document all of this too as I think the process of exploring supports and sponsors and free equipment is necessary for new creative people.

Anyway, this has been less micro and more of a full rant.

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