Running Around

This week I’ve been running around getting stuff done and fixing issues of my own making.

So, I have a thing for toy cameras and using filters on videos (check out my old Q&A series) that look old. I picked up a kids video camera, that claimed to shoot 1080p, it kinda did, but I got it because it claimed to shoot time lapse video and frankly a tiny cheap camera shooting time lapse sounds like something fun for making videos. I ordered it and got it in hand and…. Started to shoot an unboxing and review and discovered a massive translation issue..

When they wrote time lapse, they meant time delay picture.

I changed settings and flipped into other modes. But no matter what I did, no time lapse video. So I returned it.

For some unknown reason I can no longer do a drop off at the store closest to me, I had to package it up and send it in, so I had to use a locker situation and won’t get my money back for a week, or more. Annoying.

(I did some research) It seems that returns of items with lion batteries have to be shipped back so they can be inspected for damage, and not burn stores down. Makes sense.

We were let out of work early on Friday and I took my self to Michael’s to get some paint for my gel plate- I needed black and white. While there I picked up 2 small tubes of neon- pink and yellow my faves.

I got them home and the yellow was perfect. The pink was congealed in the tube and garbage. So I had to run out to Michael’s again and do a return, sadly all the pinks were bad so I got a tube of red neon instead.

Then I had a post COVID crash. I tested my BG and it was perfectly in range. This has happened for a few weeks. I’m not a napper and napping is not a thing I want to do, but also I just feel like I needed it, so I took a nap again. Each week has been shorter than the previous week.

Anyway. Errands are done, thank goodness, they took most of the morning.




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