Force Quitting


I use adobe rush to edit my videos. It was free and then I started to pay for it so I could use the cloud to sync everything everywhere. It works great. Except when it crashes.

I want to blame the laptop, but I don’t think it’s the laptop. Davinci Resolve seems to handle the 20 minute long videos with ease, that is to say it doesn’t crash frequently.

BUT it also has a learning curve.

I’ve been spending my early mornings when I can’t get back to sleep watching instructional videos about resolve.

After using Rush it seems hard. But from my memory of using Vega, it feels easier.

Anyway, I’m looking at a mini PC in my price range that we’ve talked about my picking up this week (After payday) and using that for editing only. Not that I do much more than editing on the laptop.

It seems that the longer instructional videos I’ve been itching to do just take up MORE of the computer than the short videos. So if you are wondering why my videos have been les than 15 minutes long? It’s because Rush can handle that. And YES I KNOW that Rush is not designed for longer form video editing but I know how to use it already sooooo….

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