I have been looking at a new computer for a few months. I knew that when my brother gave me this laptop that it would only last for so long. Adobe Rush has been crashing pretty frequently, though that might be an Adobe thing and not a computer thing. So I finally started to investigate things in my price range and what I could finance. IN the end I decided to be more responsible and bought/ financed a mini PC with excellent specs and good reviews. It’s not top of the line mini pc, not a MacMini killer, but well regarded as a good machine for processing video in the way that I do.

After I get that in hand I’m going to see if I can get a new wifi card for the laptop and use this as my Davinci Resolve machine. I really want to spend some time working on learning Resolve so I can get away from paying for Rush each month, though I must say I like Rush for the Less is More Healthy Vlog series. I keep those vlogs to < 10 minutes. One video clip is the base and the rest of the clips overlay that clip. Rush seems to handle that just fine. But it’s the art videos that crash it. OR if I need to do ANY color correction.

The new Mini PC will be in hand tomorrow. I’ll be setting it up slowly over the week. I’m excited.

Also as an aside, I got hit with another virus, though not COVID. I’m still testing negative, but he exhaustion reminds me of COVID a lot. I’m looking forward to sleep.

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