After a TON of research I picked up a GoPr0 knock off. I picked one that was well rated for vlogging and good focus closer to the camera. And was about $50! After some testing I’ll be switching it out as my main recording camera for my art journaling videos. It’s funny because I picked it up specifically for vlogging and getting some fun shots, but I was testing it at my art desk and realized that the videos I’m getting are crisp and look better than the cam I’m currently using.

Which is a bit of a bummer. The Canon I bought as an upgrade from my old JVC that I used for most of my old videos here on Youtube shoots great video everywhere BUT over my desk. It struggles with the top down view. It struggles with focusing. It struggles with color. It just struggles and has since the DAY I bought it.

It’s kind of annoying that a $60 action cam from a knock off brand shoots better video than the Canon.

But it’s also awesome.

It works better with my lightweight overhead rig than the Canon too.

It’s so light weight and unobtrusive that I like it for vlogging too.


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