Holiday Gifting

Often this time of year I do some baking and cooking and then do some sort of crafty packaging for the food. I create and print and decorate some sort of label that explains what is in the food as well as looks pretty cool. One year I did dicut gift boxes for small package of peanut butter fudge. Another year I went  all out and made a BUNCH of different types of biscotti which I then packaged in upcycled packaging that would survive the USPS. Think coffee cans with spray paint and ribbons.

Last year I didn’t do anything.

This year I’m doing coffee and tea.

I found these little coffee drippers through videos of coffee outside and camping videos. I ordered some as soon as I found then on Amazon. Then Amazon fed me a kit that includes the dripper bags, little pouches to package them and gift boxes to package up 10 pouches. How cool! I ordered a package knowing they’d make great gifts for my coworkers. Then I thought I have a lot of people I want to send a little coffee to, maybe a kit for doing a coffee or tea date. So I thought, why not make my own package.

Well, I haven’t fired up my Cricut machine in ages, but Amazon has many bags for food- so I found a small zipper bag with a rainbow mylar backing that seals up with a heat sealer. I thought, that would hold 2 drippers perfectly and look pretty fab. I order a package of those too.

Now I need to go pick up some delicious local coffee and some funky teas to load into the drippers, seal those up, make the bags, and package everything.

But also I need to design labels. I’m pretty excited.


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