New to Me

I’ve received hand-me-downs for most of my life. Perhaps that has influenced my deep need and desire to repair and reuse the tings I own. I like to use things until they are no longer usable in their current form and then use them in a new form once they don’t work. More often than … Read more

Cold Weather

Fortunately it is not as horribly cold in DownEast Maine as it has been. We’re toasty warm inside, BUT I forgot my pajama bottoms… Which consist of sweatpants for when I’m here in November. Which means we’ll have to drive out of town tomorrow to get some. Feeling pretty silly. That said I’m hoping to … Read more

Changing Up the Morning Shake

Normally my morning shake consists of:

ice, water, espresso, Orgain Protein Powder (Vanilla)

This is then blended in a magic bullet blender until smooth.

Vanilla Latte flavored shakes get a bit boring, so sometimes I add cocoa powder to the mix.

Today, or rather last night I decided to change it even more. I made myself a double strong batch of Chai. Standard decaf that we like. I let this steep a long time, then put it into the fridge. This AM my blend was as follow:

ice, Orgain Protein Powder, Decaf Chai.

It was good really good.

I’ve also done this with decaf Earl Gray tea to make a London Fog-like beverage.

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A few months back someone reported that they were having issues with RSVP loading and not loading. I’d made a few changes and the HTTPS certificate hadn’t been installed properly. I reinstalled it and thought that fixed the problem. It didn’t. In fact at some point something broke and no one could access anything past … Read more

Rule Number 3

Over the course of the last few weeks I have nearly broken the time management aspect of rule number 3 (watch this video for an explanation.) The sprayer on the sink broke. I was able to take it apart and fixed the internals, but the externals continued to not cooperate. Then as I worked on … Read more


I’m on vacation for the next week. I wasn’t going to get the whole week off but work changed how they decided to do the holiday week and I went ahead and asked for the whole week off. I’m pretty excited to have the time to complete a few projects around the house and to … Read more

Little Things

Sometimes it the tiny small things that makes a day better. Last night I managed to get Drive working on my computer, this means I can transfer files into drive via my dongle and NOT have to use my phone through it. The uploads are still SLOOOOWWWWW but at least it works. It also means … Read more


I’ll usually set all my things that I want to take with me on my desk and pack them before I leave in the am. Today I left everything behind and it has thrown my day off it’s axis.