New to Me

I’ve received hand-me-downs for most of my life. Perhaps that has influenced my deep need and desire to repair and reuse the tings I own. I like to use things until they are no longer usable in their current form and then use them in a new form once they don’t work. More often than not this applies to clothing but sometimes other things.

My brother is a gamer. He’s bought PCs with more packed into them than I’ve ever needed. He buys a new one when the old one starts to fail on him. Where I use my computers until they are good and dead, he shelves his once they start to not perform as he wants on his games.

He watched my vlog about leaving and returning to YouTube. While I stopped in and visited with him, he said he might have an old gaming laptop that might work for me, and he was happy to get rid of it and have it be used. Together we performed a factory wipe and then a fresh install of Windoze 10. Then I was able to install Adobe Creative Cloud and Rush and everything else I need. It performs well enough that I am happy.

It is a stop gap until I can save up enough to buy a new computer. it is old, though it was top of the line when he bought it, likely 2014 or 2015. But it has not been used in 4 years. With a pentium I7 processor, some fancy graphics card, and 16g of ram, we’ll see how long it will last. I did order a new battery but I do not think I’ll be taking this thing anywhere- it weighs 9 pounds and the charging cable weighs another pound. Strapping 10 pounds to my back seems a bit much.

I have been able to run all the Adobe software flawlessly. I haven’t processed a video longer than 10 minutes yet, but I’m hoping to do so. I should also be able to install OBX on it which will mean I can do some live streaming to YouTube.

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