A few months back someone reported that they were having issues with RSVP loading and not loading. I’d made a few changes and the HTTPS certificate hadn’t been installed properly. I reinstalled it and thought that fixed the problem. It didn’t. In fact at some point something broke and no one could access anything past … Read more

Rule Number 3

Over the course of the last few weeks I have nearly broken the time management aspect of rule number 3 (watch this video for an explanation.) The sprayer on the sink broke. I was able to take it apart and fixed the internals, but the externals continued to not cooperate. Then as I worked on … Read more


I’m on vacation for the next week. I wasn’t going to get the whole week off but work changed how they decided to do the holiday week and I went ahead and asked for the whole week off. I’m pretty excited to have the time to complete a few projects around the house and to … Read more

Little Things

Sometimes it the tiny small things that makes a day better. Last night I managed to get Drive working on my computer, this means I can transfer files into drive via my dongle and NOT have to use my phone through it. The uploads are still SLOOOOWWWWW but at least it works. It also means … Read more


I’ll usually set all my things that I want to take with me on my desk and pack them before I leave in the am. Today I left everything behind and it has thrown my day off it’s axis.

Coffee Making

I love coffee. Sometimes when I visit my family I’m in the position of having to make coffee but not with my pour over. They have a machine. It’s not a good machine. It makes terrible coffee. It’s awful hot brown water that has a resemblance to coffee but is not delicious. That’s where James … Read more

Amazon Wishlist

It’s been suggested to me repeatedly, and most recently from MissssiLulu that I create an Amazon Wishlist. I struggle with asking for this kind of specific help… With anything. There’s a vlog topic. But I’ve found there where I work people want to help artists and creators with what they do, but sometimes being able … Read more