Coffee Making

I love coffee. Sometimes when I visit my family I’m in the position of having to make coffee but not with my pour over. They have a machine. It’s not a good machine. It makes terrible coffee. It’s awful hot brown water that has a resemblance to coffee but is not delicious. That’s where James … Read more

Amazon Wishlist

It’s been suggested to me repeatedly, and most recently from MissssiLulu that I create an Amazon Wishlist. I struggle with asking for this kind of specific help… With anything. There’s a vlog topic. But I’ve found there where I work people want to help artists and creators with what they do, but sometimes being able … Read more

Good Stuff from Broken Stuff

Technology updates pretty frequently. And so does the equipment that people use over time. But when equipment isn’t maintained, it breaks down. Sometimes it get’s dangerous to even use. I pulled a set of nice studio lights, the kind used for high end photography, from the trash. On the surface they looked okay, but once … Read more

Live and Learn

In the past my laptop had a port for SD and miniSD cards. It worked well. Now my laptop doesn’t have that so I bought a dongle to do the job. Not a big deal When I use my laptop to load videos to drive it works okay, but then to use them on my … Read more


So it turns out that if I transfer images and video to my phone via my dongle that it adds extra folders to the card. Which then causes the camera to not be able to record on that card. It will tell me it is recording but it does not. I recorded a good vlog … Read more


I did a bit of searching and found out that there are a number of video editing softwares, including Rush! (IT was not available when  I first checked.) That I could download and install on the pizza box if I deleted or moved a bunch of stuff off the computer. I do not expect either … Read more


I have tried with little success to get my butt out of the house to record a vlog about why I’m returning to Youtube and why I left in the first place. I finally was able to get my butt in gear this morning and got it recorded. I had ordered a SD card reader … Read more