Conspiracy theory

Not really. Butttt I swear the world is conspiring against me from finishing videos. I shot 2 studio philosophy videos before work today. The light in my studio is nice and even. Anyway. One is pretty fun but I did several takes that I’m stitching together into something extra. But the initial scene where I write studio philosophy and the number… I redid the scene 3 or 4 times to get it right… Only to use the wrong philosophy number. So I’m going to reshoot it tomorrow.

Even worse I could have done it at home after work except I had to end up staying due to some unforseen circumstances. Soooo I didn’t get home until very late.

I’m glad I started it today though, if I had waited there is no way I’d get it done.

I mean, it’s all a timeline in my head, I could just put it up whenever I feel like it…

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